GPS-Telematic System

State-of-the-art GPS telematics

Use one of the most modern GPS telematics systems to optimise and secure your fleet.

The basic functions of our GPS telematics system include live tracking and the creation of electronic logbooks.

There is a wide range of additional options to meet the most diverse requirements.

Our GPS telematics is TAPA-compatible and enables you to monitor the driver’s cab and load compartment without interruption, including remote-controlled activation and deactivation of the alarm system. In addition, a wide variety of alarms and their messages can be programmed.

Live tracking

You know at all times where your drivers, goods or customers are currently on the road

Real-time alerts via geofencing

Effective theft protection through GPS tracking

Electronic logbook

Our logbooks are 100% tax compliant

Display of the exact route travelled as well as detailed speed evaluation

Various export options of the data for further evaluations

Steering log

Significantly reduced workload

One of the most modern & easiest systems for the automated creation of steering logs

Particularly easy to use smartphone app

Remote tacho download

Reduction of administrative effort for reading out and archiving 

Download tachograph data (DDD files) at any time and from any location

Data can still be imported into your tachograph evaluation software

GPS telematics system from the professionals

Trust our many years of experience in the areas of supply chain security & transport security! We will be happy to advise you on our GPS telematics system without any obligation!


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