TAPA’s Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) were developed by supply chain security experts. They help protect theft-targeted products that are transported by trucks.


Similar to the FSR standard, it is the intent of TAPA members to select service providers that meet or exceed TAPA’s certification requirements.

TAPA TSR distinguishes between vehicle types. Depending on which vehicles you have in use, the requirements differ

TAPA’s TSR standard also offers three levels of certification by the association’s recognised independent audit bodies, as well as a self-certification option.


LEVEL 1 – high Security-Level

LEVEL 2 – medium Security-Level

LEVEL 3 – basic Security-Level


Corposec is approved worldwide by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) to conduct certified assessments in accordance with TAPA security requirements for truck transport.

Our TAPA certification consultancy represents a comprehensive review of all security-related elements in your business. This includes all processes and technical equipment used in connection with the truck to ensure the TAPA standards.

Corposec is your competent contact for advice in the course of certification according to the TAPA TSR 2020 standard. Efficient processes, increased skills of your employees and a higher safety standard are only some of the advantages that result from the cooperation with Corposec.

Furthermore, we can also provide you with the necessary GPS-Telematic which is required for TAPA certifications. 

Improve the security of your company’s supply chain with a TAPA TSR 2020 certification by Corposec.


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