TAPA’s Facility Security Requirements (FSR) were developed by supply chain security experts. They help protect products that are targeted for theft. Unlike TAPA TSR, the focus here is on the storage and processing of goods in facilities such as distribution centres or warehouses.

Freight security is an important factor in any industry, but especially in the high-tech or pharmaceutical sector, manufacturers and logisticians place the highest demands on the security of high-value transport goods.

TAPA FSR – Certification Levels

TAPA’s FSR standard offers three levels of certification by the association’s recognised independent auditors as well as a self-certification option. It is therefore up to you to decide to which security level you would like to have your company certified. 

LEVEL A – high Security-Level  

LEVEL B – medium Security-Level    

LEVEL C – basic Security-Level



Corposec is approved worldwide by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) to perform certified assessments in accordance with TAPA’s cargo security requirements.

Our TAPA consultancy represents a comprehensive review of all security-related elements throughout your organisation, including access controls, perimeter security, IDS and surveillance systems.

Corposec is your competent contact for consulting in the course of certification according to the TAPA FSR 2020 standard. Efficient processes, increased capabilities of your staff and a higher standard of security are just some of the benefits of working with Corposec.

Improve the security of your company’s supply chain with a TAPA FSR 2020 certification by Corposec.


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