GPS – Live tracking

The advantages of modern GPS tracking

The advantages of live tracking of vehicles via modern GPS technology:

  • You know where your drivers, goods or customers are at any time and can ensure that their delivery times are met.
  • Short-term changes to the route as well as queries from customers about arrival times can be immediately tracked and clarified in the GPS positioning.
  • Real-time alerts through geofencing enable you to react immediately when vehicles reach or leave a predefined area.
  • The recorded data can be used for a wide variety of further evaluations. From logbooks to monitoring fuel consumption to calculating the fleet energy balance.
  • In addition, GPS tracking also serves as an effective theft protection. Some stolen vehicles have been recovered thanks to GPS tracking!

The interface of our GPS tracking is divided into two areas:  The list view (left) and the map view (right).

Your vehicles are represented by corresponding symbols whose colour indicates the current status:

  • Green: The vehicle’s ignition is on.
  • Yellow: The ignition of the vehicle is off and the data record is not older than 10 minutes.
  • Red: The vehicle is offline, i.e. the last data record was more than 10 minutes ago.

In addition to the current status, you can also immediately see in the GPS positioning whether vehicles are currently moving or in which direction they are travelling:

  • Circle: The vehicle is stationary. 
  • Arrow: The vehicle is moving in the direction of the arrow.

The map view of GPS tracking shows you the current location of your vehicles. In the top right area you can choose from a variety of map displays, for example the popular OpenStreetMap or the practical satellite view.

In the list view you can see all the important GPS tracking data at a glance: The tracker status as well as the current location, the current speed and the kilometre reading as well as the time of the last update ():

Click on the plus symbol () to show more details about individual vehicles:

  •  Satellites: Shows the number of GPS satellites the tracker is currently connected to. (decisive for the accuracy) 
  •  Daily driving time: Shows the driving time of the current day so far.
  •  Battery voltage: Shows the current battery voltage (availability depends on the device)
  • Inputs: Shows the status of the connected inputs, in the example the ignition is on.

A variety of possibilities

In addition to the basic functions of our GPS tracking, the system can be expanded to include a wide range of options, depending on the intended use:

  • Use additional digital and analogue inputs to monitor the status of your vehicles via GPS tracking: From the cold storage monitoring of trucks to the monitoring of train containers, we cover the most diverse areas of application with our GPS tracking! 
  • The switching of outputs enables the remote control of your vehicles: From comfort functions such as the activation of the auxiliary heating to effective theft protection by means of engine blocking, everything is possible! 
  • Our GPS system is TAPA-compliant and enables you to seamlessly monitor the driver’s cab and load compartment, including activating/deactivating the alarm system. In addition, a wide variety of alarms and their messages can be programmed. 
  • Of course, our GPS tracking also supports driver recognition and private mode

GPS tracking from the professionals

Trust our many years of experience in the field of transport security! We will be happy to advise you without obligation on the subject of GPS tracking, so that you too can always keep an eye on your fleet!


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