About us


Corposec is a proven expert in aviation and supply chain security.


We pride ourselves on our broad focus, taking into account all customer needs and requirements and developing innovative solutions to ensure the security of their business, customers, employees and partners.


From targeted consulting to practical implementation and overall management of the company’s security operations, we provide solutions. Our range of cutting-edge security solutions from trusted partners ensures that our clients are protected with the best and most modern means.


Corposec was founded in 2015 by security veteran Elad Gadot, who is personally involved in every project. Mr. Gadot previously served as Director of Security Austria at DHL Express and gained extensive experience in security management at sensitive locations.


He is certified as an ACC3 Validator and TAPA Auditor.

A team of highly trained, reliable and competent employees supports Mr. Gadot



If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Elad Gadot

Mobile: +43 676 6131818