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Corposec works with international airports and airlines, as well as with leading companies in the air cargo sector worldwide.

Our years of experience in ACC3/RA3/KC3 and TAPA FSR / TSR audits serve to provide our customers with the highest level of aviation security.


Corposec offers a range of specialized training packages for various positions in airports, airlines, cargo forwarders, ground handling and security personnel.

  • Risks and vulnerabilities
  • Relevant laws and standards
  • Best practices and business processes
  • Technical, operational and management skills


Intelligent planning is the key to effective and efficient security. Corposec develops state-of-the-art security concepts to meet the needs of airports and airlines around the world.

  • Assessments, polls and audits
  • Concept development according to customer requirements
  • Detailed design and planning


Corposec’s specialized service includes overall management of security operations, including facilities, SeMS, physical protection and PSIM.

  • Implementation and enhancement of security measures
  • Ongoing management of security measures
  • Security training of the company’s employees

ACC3 and RA3 certifications by Corposec

loading cargo into the aircraft before departure

As the air cargo sector continues to grow, so are the threats to aviation are significantly increasing.

The 2010 Yemen cargo plot incident, which involves IED embedded in tonner cartridges had shown the AVSEC world that the gaps in air cargo security must be attended to.

As a result, the European Commission has developed the ACC3 program that stands for “Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport”. Any Airline that is carrying air cargo or mail into the EU from a non-EU country is required to obtain an ACC3 designation in order to fly cargo into or through the European Union.

Since July 2014, carrier stations in third countries are required to have undergone an audit to obtain an EU Aviation Security Validation in order to acquire or maintain their ACC3 designation.

Started at 2014 with a major European aviation group, Corposec had been there right from the beginning, and collected vast experience in the field of ACC3 and RA3 validations.

We have concluded experience of ACC3 and RA3 validations in LATAM, MENA, CEE, Africa, Asia and the Caribbeans. We are validating airlines https://canceltimesharegeek.com/how-to-cancel-absolute-timeshare/ ground handlers and airport (both private and governmental) and provide them with EU and UK ACC3 validations.

With our vast knowledge and experience we can support your organization and consult all the way until the validation procedure is concluded. Our ACC3 and RA3 experts will be happy to work with you together and enhance the level of air cargo security.

We deliver our services globally and in the following language:

English – German – French – Spanish – Italian – Arabic – Hebrew

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