Electronic logbook

When is a driver’s logbook necessary?

If a company vehicle is used both for business and private purposes, the legislator in Austria generally prescribes a full benefit in kind. This benefit in kind, i.e. the taxable supplement, increases the assessment basis for wage tax and social security contributions of employees.

If one wants to keep the taxable private share of a company car as low as possible and claim a reduced benefit in kind, it is necessary to write a logbook.

To ensure that the logbook complies with the tax authorities’ requirements and does not cause any problems in the event of an audit, it must be complete, comprehensible and tamper-proof.

Since the employer is liable for the correctness of the taxes paid, the employee’s records should be checked particularly carefully. To automate this time-consuming bureaucracy, our electronic driver’s logbook is very popular in Austria.

The electronic driver’s logbook

The recording of electronic driver’s logs is one of the basic functions of our system, along with the live tracking of vehicles. 
Our driver’s logbooks were developed in close cooperation with the Austrian authorities.
and are therefore 100% tax office compliant.

The electronic driver’s logbook not only protects you as an entrepreneur from severe penalties, it also demonstrably increases the efficiency of your fleet and the productivity of your employees!

  • Enormous time savings for your employees, leaving more time for productive activities
  • All data available online at any time – without annoying paperwork
  • Due to the increased transparency, the number of private journeys is often reduced.
  • This results in less wear and tear on your fleet and reduced fuel costs
  • Unjustified traffic fines can be appealed with the recorded data
  • Possibility of many further evaluations to increase the efficiency of your vehicle fleet
  • Display of the exact route and detailed speed evaluation
  • Various export options for the data

Of course, the electronic driver’s logbook also has a private mode to protect privacy and, if desired, can also be reduced to the legally required minimum of information (if requested by the works council, for example).

Electronic logbook from the professionals

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